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Executive Furnished Rental Host Kit

Updated: Feb 17

We purchased a one-bedroom condo in a great gated community and set it up as an executive furnished rental in 2016. At the time, my company was leasing rentals for professionals on long-term assignments, and I realized the executive rental market could be a great investment. Since 2018, we also started renting on Airbnb. We have learned a few tips and hacks along the way for setting up your investment for maximum returns, ensuring a seamless hosting experience, and generating consistent five-star reviews!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.


Kitchen Essentials for a 5-Star Stay

Setting up the kitchen area is key for great reviews. Whether your property is designed for extended stays like mine or short term rentals, everyone will need the basic kitchenware. Here are some of our favorites.

Kitchen Utensils Kit - Everything you need to get started in style

Bathroom Essentials

When the bathroom feels like a spa, your guests will appreciate the fine attention to detail. Having the right setup also makes your life easier as a host with cleaning and maintenance. Here are some great restroom essentials.

Bedroom Essentials

Our guests often compliment our bedding and describe it as the "most comfortable bed ever." An inviting bed sets off a space. Here are some of our favorite bedding essentials.

Cleaning Products

Stocking basic cleaning supplies is convenient for your tenants and helps your investment. Our favorite is the Safely universal cleanser, and it comes in several amazing scents. Our favorite is the Calm, a lavender vanilla delight. It's truly "universal" - we clean hard surfaces, light stains, and fabric with one spray! Universal also means less product to stock and restock.

For more severe stains, we love the Bissell Stomp & Go Pads. They're made for pet stains but honestly work on everything. The magic is the convenience: open pouch, put pad on stain, step, leave for 24hrs, and watch the stain disappear. It's also better for most carpets and fabric when you don't scrub and tear the fibers.

Buy in bulk and stock 4-5 in your rental.

Fine Touches

One of my favorite finds of 2024 is this candle warmer. It releases the scent without creating as much of a fire hazard. It also has a timer function so it will automatically shut off after 2-4-6 hours. I think it's these fine touches that take your place to the next level.

We love the Ranger Station - Leather Pine candle, but it's pricey so this is a great way to stretch the value!

In Case of Emergency

A simple security camera is great for your tenants' safety and to protect your investment. This is a great option for a wireless smart camera.

Our region is prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, and once in a blue moon, extended power outages occur. Because our appliances are electric, we keep a backup gas/propane for emergencies. This compact unit stores easily and can be handy in a pinch.

Share Local Wonders

We love sharing the local culture with our guests. From restaurant recommendations to events, it's nice to feel "at home" even when you're in a new location. Louisiana is known for Mardi Gras in early spring so during the season, we like to dress the condo with festive touches like a welcoming king cake and this Mardi Gras mask.

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